Joana Carinova’s Pub

Meniu 2018

In 1838-1840 the Frenchman Charles de Vim received the permission from Vilnius magistrate and built a mill. In 1842 – also an auxiliary building to the mill. Since half of the auxiliary building stood empty and unused, in 1847 the owner decided to open a pub there. Vilnius City Council did not support such a decision. Despite the absence of permission, in 1849 the pub was opened. Chief of police complained to Vilnius City Council that Joana Carinova holds a pub in the Frenchman Charles de Vim’s mill, even though they do not have permission.

More than 150 years later we received the permission to open a pub. Today there are four different halls in a legally operating pub for visitors with different tastes and preferences who appreciate the old traditions.

The capacity of this hall is up to 200 guests.

“So called hall of “Joana Carinova” in “Belmontas” for us – as a second home. Almost on all occasions and without occasion our close group of friends here spends evenings with a glass of beer or is warmed by a cup of coffee after a walk on a cold morning, and we order the main dishes without a menu. Maybe it's good that ones like one place, others – another ... But we like here!”


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Joana Carinova’s Pub