Ubladė – bakery

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You can’t be called a true Lithuanian, if you have never baked Lithuanian bread with your own hands!

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Stepping along the ancient road ... The birth of bread

When arrived to the regional park Belmontas, you will find a real treasury of a bread baking. There is a lot of collected antique utensils and traditional baking ovens in our ethnographic hall. And everyone, who comes here, can become a real baker and form his authentic loaf. After you learn how to knead and form, we will invite you to put the loaves into an old oven. As long as the bread is baked, time does not get bored because we will go through the creation of bread: from sowing, kneading and putting into the oven. We will show the grains, so that you could distinguish them well and tell others what the homemade bread is made of. When looking at our ancient utensils, many of you may have questions about what for they were used, what was their purpose in production. We will tell in detail and show the pounding, milling and mowing tools. We will disclose the traditions and customs of baking that our ancestors kept.

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Educational program for you will be held by a certified baker - Miglė Dalgėdaitė-Luciūnė, who inherited bakery craft and wants to transfer this knowledge to you.

An educational program for children and adults takes place every Sunday.

Registration by ph.no. +3706 581 59 76 (Eglė)