Vila Gloria 

The bright and cozy hall with big windows and interior in pastel colors is located in a beautiful nature surrounding, by the small ponds and the fountain, the waterfalls and the channels, at the Vilnelė river. A beautiful fireplace decorates the hall and warms guests in winter time. 

Vila Gloria 8

The project of restoration of the building was created in the style of villas and pavilions of manors in Lithuania of that time. Buildings of this type were built in the territories of manors. Being inside even on a cold, rainy or windy day, you can feel as if in the nature.

Vila Gloria 9

The capacity of “Villa Gloria” hall is up to 60 guests.

 (During the buffet table – up to 120 guests).

Vila Gloria 10

“Our wedding took place in the middle of October, when the autumn was going crazy in the nature and banks of the Vilnele river sparkled with colors of passion. The enchanted guests still tell us how wonderful that autumn was, how free we breathed, how easy it was to believe ... The "Villa Gloria" hall was perfect for our celebration. It amazed and admired with its luxurious comfort, professional advice of organizers and delicate friendliness. We definitely recommend the "Villa Gloria" hall to everyone who plans exceptional celebration of their event.”

Vila Gloria 11

Mažasis Vilnios Amfiteatras

During the summertime we as well invite you to the outdoor restaurant “Amphitheatre” which may receive up to 250 guests.