Outdoor café “Belmontas Waterfalls”

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In the outdoor café “Belmontas Waterfalls” (,,Belmonto kriokliai”) located in this beautiful curve of the Vilnia river you may listen to the brawl of a beautiful waterfall, the murmur of the river merging with music which sounds here, to admire the views of waterfalls and valleys, to try traditional Lithuanian dishes made on an open fire and to talk with friends at a glass of beer.

Children will also find what to do here – a new playground is waiting.

Just relax…

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The complex and developed system of hydro-technical constructions of the mill was finally formed at the end of the 19th - the first half of the 20th century under the governing of the Kinkulkin family. This system consisted of the concrete dam on the river Vilnia and a pond located above, the inlet and outlet canal of 200 m in length and a system for regulating of the water flow. When the mill was working, the water was directed to the canal. If the mill stopped, the water of Vilnia flowed along its main channel. There were three bridges on the canals and three water-wheels (later – turbines) in the turbine section of the mill. The banks of the canals were fortified with rows of wooden piles, and at the bottom of the mill were installed cascades of wooden piles. The bridge, standing on the concrete piles of the dam, was an integral part of the French mill of the complex “Belmontas”.

The capacity of outdoor café “Belmontas Waterfalls” is up to 800 guests.