“Rotunda” hall

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One of the most important accents of the “Belmontas” complex – a round building in rotunda style. There is the “Rotunda” hall. This circular hall is framed by panoramic windows that allow you to see the big pond and the main buildings of the ensemble, and it is crowned with a huge dome with a twelve-window superstructure on the top of this dome. There are stained-glasswork depicting twelve zodiac signs in every of these windows.

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According to astrologists such location of the sky signs, where the internal space of the building flies into the celestial vastness, best of all stresses the significance of the signs. In this way a symbolic astral connection between the earth and space is formed. We hope that you will feel this aura while visiting the “Rotunda” hall. 

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The capacity of the “Rotunda” hall is up to 60 guests.

(During the buffet table – up to 120 guests).

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“Sometimes there are not enough words to begin with. It was the most special Christmas gift – my loved asked to marry him! We immediately started to plan the wedding. We wanted the most beautiful place, space for the guests and solemnity. It was cold and the whole “Belmontas” was covered with ice and sparkling snow, like some kind of fairy tale town. I started to imagine how this little corner of heaven would look in the summer, surrounded by green nature… At first we arrived just to take a look. The “Rotunda” hall seemed perfect and we were extremely happy to be able to use the huge outdoor terrace that faces the pond where the black swans swim. Everything was like a dream because the great team of “Belmontas” helped a lot. We had a beautiful and festive evening and the food was delicious. This is what I dreamed of!”