Belvedere hall

Belvedere (Italian  belvedere - “a great view”) is a tower of a building or a separate vertical building designed to view the surroundings.

Belvederes appeared during Renaissance time and spread throughout the whole Europe. These buildings were usually built on representative places: palaces, residences and parks. Belvederes, same as villas and pavilions, liked aristocrats, later – noblemen of Lithuania.

Belvederis 1

Our belvedere is not only an opportunity to enjoy the impressive landscape. Preserved old stonework, ornate interiors of halls and luxurious menu – everything for our special guest who wants to feel exceptional.

The Belvedere hall is located on 4 floors. This allows the guests of the event not only to chat and relax in the lounge areas, but also to admire the open aquarium, two beautiful basalt fireplaces and dining furniture from the Karelian birch. And the impressive size stained-glass ceiling will not leave any guest indifferent.

Belvederis 2

The capacity of this 400 m² hall is up to 200 guests.

R. Belvederis 2018 03 20 17

“I was not afraid of my anniversary itself, but the banal words that it is not the autumn yet, although it was outside the window… My relatives, many friends and former colleagues were preparing to participate in the event.  I had to find a place and finally chose the Belvedere hall in “Belmontas”. There was enough space for everyone, despite it was more than 150 guests. Panoramic views are indeed extraordinary, and many women were happy about the dress code which we chose according to the luxurious interior. The evening passed unnoticed even for me. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it – from the architect of the place to chefs and whole staff.”